We believe every child should have access to music education. We are working on a solution to bring free music education to the world that is sustainable. We want to make sure that all young children, adolescents and adults have access to high quality music education. We work with and support music teachers and many non-profit organizations. 10% of all our proceeds go to The Harmony Project National Division. Other proceeds go to sustain our free award winning music educational app BandBlast and help bring music education to underserved communities .

The Problem:

  • The dropout rate is nearly 50% in our 50 largest cities, mostly among low-income students of color. McKinsey estimates this costs the U.S. $700 billion to $1.3 trillion per year in lost GDP.


Why It Matters:

  • Music training improves cognitive function in underserved students, along with the ability to listen, to focus, to read and to learn. It also helps students forge deeper personal connections.

  • Underserved students who participate in quality music programs are much less likely to drop out. They also attend and complete college at far higher rates. By improving student cognition and achievement, access to quality music education can help reduce poverty.

Our Solution:

  • Music Lifeboat seeks to revolutionize the methods by which young children, adolescents and adults access education. We enable students to learn new concepts, skills and techniques through a variety of technological mediums.

  • We support the work of music teachers and work to empower communities


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Music Lifeboat

Los Angeles, CA