We believe every child should have access to music education. We are working on a solution to bring free music education to the world that is sustainable. We want to make sure that all young children, adolescents and adults have access to high quality music education. We work with and support music teachers and many non-profit organizations. 10% of all our proceeds go to The Harmony Project. Other proceeds go to sustain our free award winning music educational app BandBlast and help bring music education to underserved communities .

The Problem

Our education system is in desperate need of reform and access to music education plays a critical role.There is a direct link between perpetual poverty and access to music and arts education. Recently, we have seen much more importance placed on S.T.E.M. ignoring the overwhelming evidence that Music Education is one of the most effective ways to help.

Make Noise

Together We Can #MakeNoise To Make Sure Every Child Has Access To Learning Music. This Is An Investment We Cannot Afford Not To Make.

(Read The Statistics).

Please Join Us In Working On Finding Ways To Make Music Education More Accessible. The Change That Is Needed Can Only Happen If We Begin Working Together.


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Music Lifeboat

Los Angeles, CA