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BandBlast is a 5 star awar winning free music education app

BandBlast App

BandBlast is free music education app that includes over 350 video lessons by world masters on 13 instruments and fun games to learn pitch pitch, rhythm, and note reading covering the first year band curriculum.  

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World-Class Instruction

BandBlast is free music education app that includes over 350 video lessons by world masters on 13 instruments covering the first year curriculum. Music is included in the video lessons with a highlighter always showing the user where the music is at. There are 13 different instruments with 20-25 lessons per instrument.  

The Rhythm Game

The Rhythm Game is a fun  character based game that allows you to tap the correct rhythms to music. Students across the world have learned rhythms much quicker with this gamified approach. The rhythms are the first rhythms learned in most band programs covering the first 1-2 years of rhythms an instrumentalist learns.  

Pitch Game

Play the correct note on your instrument to avoid having the blocks come crasjing down on you. The user can choose between letter names or notes in the staff. The notes are customized for each instrument and follow the first notes learned on each instrument and are transposed appropriately.  

Play Along & Record

Play Along with over 40 songs and exercises common in first year band or beginning instrument lessons. The backing tracks are done by Philharmonic musicians. Mix, choose various drumbeats, and share with your friends and family! 

Learn From A Master:

Take Lessons With World Renown Musicians That Goes With First Year Band & Orchestra Curriculum Of Most Teachers & School Districts

Our free video lessons are taught by world masters on 13 different instruments. Each playlist contains between 20-25 videos and also includes free music and notation. Learn more about the tutorials and our teachers.






We believe every child should have access to music education. We are working on solutions to make high quality education available globally so every child can learn music. 

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